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Professional Development: Sabio Fellows Attended an iOS Development Workshop Last Weekend

- January 11, 2017 No Comments
This past Saturday four Sabio fellows attended a workshop that was organized by Apple. This workshop was a private lab hosted by Apple to promote its latest programming language, Swift. Workshops like this are part of the professional development that Sabio likes to plug their fellows into because the learning doesn't stop after bootcamp graduation.
Jazmine, a Sabio fellow, was one of the fellows who attended the iOS workshop.

"I learned how to make iOS apps using Swift. I had no prior experience with this language or the software. But it was easy to pick up! The syntax was slightly different than what we already know from Sabio pre-work, and the Xcode program was very user friendly. At Sabio, you're constantly being pushed to learn, and it was refreshing to experience that hard work paying off. I saw how other attendees were struggling, and I remembered that was me not too long ago. I realized that I gained not only applicable skills but a foundation to pick up other technologies," Jazmine said.

Max, another Sabio fellow, who attended the workshop also felt that his Sabio training helped him in Saturday's workshop.

"Sabio's training equipped me to understand and retain the information given. I was able to pick up on the lesson quickly and experiment on my own," Max said.

The commitment at Sabio extends well beyond bootcamp, and Gregorio and the instructional team are always looking for new opportunities for Sabio fellows to expand their knowledge.

Zach was a Political Science Grad Working in a Software Company, He Decided to #LearnToCode

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Zach R. was working for a software company as an applications analyst and special projects manager. He had a track record of working for software companies, but he wasn't a full-stack developer. Formally, Zach's undergraduate education was in political science. Before getting into the tech industry, he was on a path to attend law school.
With a desire to earn more money, Zach decided it was time to learn software development. Fortunately, the company that he was working with was supportive of his professional growth and was able to help him pay for part of the cost for coding bootcamp.

Zach attended Sabio in Newport Beach, studying under Aaron and Varr in Cohort 23.

"They were fantastic. I got a lot of individualized attention. Aaron and Varr take a lot of time figuring out how you learn, so they can find the best way to reach you. It was a lot of work, and I put in a lot of hours, but the instruction was great. I could get in touch with my instructors and ask questions whenever I needed," Zach said.

Since graduating from Sabio, Zach has received a $15,000/year raise.

Zach thinks about coding like any other trade and has some advice for people who are thinking about making the switch to software development professionally.

"Coding bootcamp is the perfect way to get the experience you need to become a software developer. You can learn all the theory you want in any educational program, but until you get a hammer in your hand and take something a part and then rebuild it, you won't really know how it works," Zach said.

Michael had formal training in computer science, and he came to Sabio to enhance his skills

- January 5, 2017 No Comments
Michael C. has a computer science degree from Morehouse College and had worked on applications for about three years in various capacities before coming to Sabio.
"I learned a lot of theoretical knowledge in computer science at Morehouse, and I did have some programming courses, but they weren't really relatable to what's going on in the world," Michael said. "I couldn't really see the end result of what I was learning in college."

Michael felt that his skills were decent in middle tier and back-end development, but he didn't feel strong about his front-end development skills. He wanted an opportunity to learn more front-end development, and he knew some people who had completed the Sabio program and was impressed with their professional growth.

Michael recently graduated with Sabio Cohort 22, and he said that because he had worked on apps professionally and had a background in computer science, he could grasp the concepts that he was being taught in bootcamp quickly.

This week Michael started a new position as a full-stack developer with ProSearch Strategies. He found his position two weeks before his Sabio cohort ended.

Congrats Michael!

Sabio Success: Lyrana shares her impressions of Microsoft LEAP at the mid-point

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Sabio has a track recording of sending fellows to the Microsoft LEAP Engineering Acceleration Program (LEAP). Microsoft LEAP is an immersive 16 week paid program that provides participants with real world development experience. The goal of the apprenticeship program is to not only provide development experience but to foster inclusivity and support diversity at Microsoft.
Lyrana H. is a Sabio fellow who is currently participating in Microsoft LEAP Cohort Four. She heard about the program from Sabio, applied and went through the interview process, and was selected. She started the program in November. Before starting the program, she had been working full-time for about seven months as a software developer.

Participants in Microsoft LEAP are paid, so participants aren't losing anything by attending. The program is structured so that in the first five weeks, participants are in a classroom and working on small projects. From there, participants go to their sponsoring team within Microsoft. The organizers of the program approach teams within the company asking them if they would like to sponsor a LEAP apprentice.

Lyrana was selected by the security team in Microsoft, and she will be working on Azure, a data security platform. She's excited because she hasn't worked on security issues in depth.

"Doing Sabio has really helped me in LEAP because I already know C#, the language that I will be using in my team. Some of my peers who went to other bootcamps are having a different experience because they didn't come from a C# .NET background. They are spending more time learning a new language. Sabio is a .NET stack bootcamp, and that has been beneficial for me," Lyrana said.

At the end of the 16 week LEAP program, LEAP apprentices have an opportunity to be hired or to have their contract extended pending opportunities within Microsoft. Lyrana is excited about what she can look forward to at the end of the program, whether she's offered a position at Microsoft or not.

"Regardless, I will have Microsoft on my resume, so that's exciting for me," Lyrana said.

Lyrana encourages Sabio fellows to apply to Microsoft LEAP because it gives them a good glimpse into Microsoft's corporate structure and because with Sabio training under their belt, there's a good chance that they will be accepted.

Meet Varr, Sabio's New Full-Time Instructor in Orange County!

- December 29, 2016 No Comments
Varr comes to Sabio with over a decade of technical experience. He's an Air Force veteran and holds a degree in electronic engineering. After serving in the military, Varr was a robotics technician for about a year, but he soon realized that he was not doing what he had envisioned for himself professionally.
When Varr was about 12 years old, he had taught himself some programming basics with the help of his father. He liked programming and was interested in software, but he didn't have any formal training. He knew that it would be a challenge to find a position where he could put those programming skills to use after working in robotics, but he did get lucky and found a start-up that was working on network attached storage devices and was hired. Varr found a mentor in that company in a man who taught computer science at a local college. From this initial position, he went on to learn more things related to software development. Eventually he got into web development, and Varr taught himself PHP, MySQL, and CSS. While doing this, Varr was able to work for a local college as a webmaster, an aerospace company, a DRUPAL based company, and an agency that designed websites for high profile clients with high traffic volume. Then Varr started his own company where he was building out e-commerce platforms and websites for his own clients. From that experience, he pivoted and started to create products, like plug-ins for websites.

Earlier this year, Varr discovered Sabio on Craig's List and from his initial interaction with Aaron Gibson, Sabio's VP of Engineering and head instructor in Orange County, he liked what he heard. Varr was already interested in philanthropy and giving back to the community. The Craig's List post was for becoming a pre-work instructor. One of his initial tasks in getting to know Sabio was to teach a classroom of Sabio fellows something. Varr was able to do this successfully and started as a pre-work instructor in April. Since the demand for coding bootcamp in Orange County has remained high, Sabio decided to expand to two cohorts running at the OC location. Varr will be instructing his own OC cohort starting January 3.

Varr's own story is inspiring because he was largely self-taught and learned software development through on the job experience. He also exemplifies how military veterans can successfully transition into coding as a career.

Congrats on being promoted from pre-work instructor to a regular full-time instructor Varr!

Jazmine was a musician before she decided to #LearnToCode, now she's a junior software developer!

- December 20, 2016 5 Comments
Jazmine R. has a bachelor's degree in music and was working in at a youth symphony in the Bay Area. She had earned her undergraduate degree in music from Cal State Northridge. Being in the Bay Area, Jazmine became aware of all of the job opportunities in technology, but she wasn't sure that she was ready to leave music behind. Her plan was to return to the Los Angeles area and continue to work in music, but that plan wasn't working out.
When finding another job in a symphony wasn't happening for her, Jazmine started to get more serious about a career change. She wanted to find what she liked about music in a new career.

"I wanted something challenging, something where I would always be learning and growing constantly," Jazmine said.

Initially, Jazmine thought that she would attend bootcamp in the Bay Area and then return to Los Angeles, but she found out about Sabio after doing some research online. Sabio's robust online presence impressed Jazmine. She didn't attend any orientation sessions, but she did speak with Liliana Monge, Sabio's co-founder and CEO, over the phone and felt comfortable with how the program was described. Jazmine also liked the community aspect of Sabio and how the leadership would continue to be there for the fellows after graduation.

Jazmine studied in Cohort 21, which was Mike McGranahan's first official cohort as an instructor for Sabio.

"Mike is an amazing instructor. He's super patient. Being in a bootcamp, there are definitely a lot of times when you feel that you don't know anything, but Mike is uplifting and understanding, which I really appreciated," Jazmine said.

As for music, Jazmine said that she would like to eventually do something professionally that blends her music education and technology.

For now, Jazmine was recently hired as a junior software developer at a payroll service company.

Congrats Jazmine!

Will used to be a Music Recording Engineer and Mixer, Now He's a Software Developer

- December 14, 2016 No Comments
Will S. used to work as a music recording engineer. He had established himself working with prominent recording artists and even did a stint working with American Idol. While working in the music industry, there was a change in leadership in one of the companies that Will was working for and his pay was cut. For awhile, Will struggled, but he always was interested in technology. Even in music, he was always around technology, but he had figured out enough to build a basic website for himself.

One of Will's friends who was up in the Bay Area suggested that he try to attend bootcamp and then move up to San Francisco. Moving up north didn't appeal to Will, but he maintained his interest in attending bootcamp. After doing some research online and reading the reviews on CourseReport, Will found Sabio and attended an info session. Sabio ended up being very convenient and accessible because it was only four miles from his house.
"Gregorio [Sabio's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer] made an incredible impression. I found myself judging all of the bootcamps that I looked at based on what he said in that meeting. I was given a benchmark to judge other programs. I eventually came back to Sabio and said this was it," Will said.

Since completing bootcamp, Will became the second in his cohort to receive a job offer. Currently, he's working as a developer at Mathnasium working for the IT department. He is working on developing internal business apps for the company, and he's earning better money than he was in audio engineering.

"The work that I'm doing is fun and challenging, and I'm learning a lot and am still feeling very productive," Will said.

When asked who he would recommend to attend bootcamp, Will offered this, "I think that Sabio can be for anyone, and I think that Gregorio, Liliana, and the rest of the crew make it accessible to everyone. You don't to need to have an interest in computers, but that really helps. The one thing that I strongly caution against is anybody who thinks that they are going to be taught how to code -- you are going to be taught to learn how to code. This is an important distinction because you have to do the videos and the exercises on your own to really grasp it."

1 Year of Coding: Chris Reflects on His First Year as a Software Engineer

- December 13, 2016 No Comments
Chris M. had earned a degree in political economy and Chinese from UC Berkeley and was working in Shanghai exploring some business ideas and job opportunities. He had a business idea to import electrical scooters, but it didn't work out. After the scooter plan failed, Chris decided to use the free time that he had on his hands to learn to code by playing around with some online courses. Then he decided to explore coding bootcamps and came to the realization that Sabio was the best one in Los Angeles.
When he graduated from coding bootcamp, Chris received a job offer from an e-commerce company in Orange County with a big presence in China that sold supplements and skincare, but he wasn't interested in this job. Shortly thereafter, he found a position at Dun & Bradstreet as a software engineer. Dun & Bradstreet is a business information company that manages credit information for businesses and sells products related to corporate credit. Dun & Bradstreet manages a lot of data, and a lot of what the company offers is sold and managed online.

In reflecting on his first year as a software engineer, Chris said, "I now have a valuable skill that I really enjoy, and I see how it fits into many products and businesses. Any process that you do that uses paper is being transformed or will be transformed by software and the internet touches it. I enjoy coding because it gives me a window into how a lot of businesses work."

Congrats on your first year as a software engineer!