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Nancy was an elementary school teacher, but she decided to #LearnToCode

- November 29, 2016 No Comments
Nancy N. had a relatively stable career as a public elementary school teacher for ten years, but she and her husband, Jimmy, who was working in a hospital as an electroencephalography (EEG) technician, wanted a new adventure. 

"I was already looking for a career change. My husband and I decided to go live abroad first. We went to Korea and taught for a year there and re-evaluated our lives. Before I had left, I had helped a private school create materials and shared an office with an officer of technology, who suggested that I consider computer programming," Nancy, Sabio Cohort 20 member.

While Nancy and Jimmy were teaching in Korea, they would play around with Python tutorials in their free time. They both enjoyed learning about computer programming with the free resources online. When they returned to the U.S., they started researching coding bootcamps in the area and found Sabio.

Nancy and Jimmy N. were the second couple to study in the same Sabio cohort, so they live and breathe coding and supported each other through the program. 

“We knew that coding bootcamp was going to be intense, but we set our minds to the task,” Nancy said. “You also have to get comfortable feeling ‘uncomfortable’ because you will not know what you are doing, but you are going to be solving problems that are new to you.”

Cohort 20 worked on a professional social media product and finished training at the end of September. This Cohort has experienced a very quick and high rate of job placement with all cohort members finding jobs within a month of finishing bootcamp.

Nancy found a job at a school district as a web content developer. Nancy will get to use her new technical skills and merge them with her educational background as she develops and creates content for administrative and instructional websites. 

Congrats Nancy! 

Highest Paid Programming Languages & Why Sabio Trains in JavaScript and C#

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We recently came across this blog post about the highest paid programming languages. The list included R (GNU S), Java, Phython, Objective C, and C#.

At Sabio, we train in C# and JavaScript. JavaScript is a distant cousin of Java. When we start the pre-work phase of our bootcamp training, we begin in JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the best ways to start coding. C# is one of the most in demand languages according to the 2015 Course Report Alumni Outcomes and Demographics Study. Sabio is a C# shop. Sabio's training continues to be in alignment with there the industry demand is.

But we do offer two stacks to choose from: ASP.Net MVC C# and Node.js. For more info, click here.

"My Money, My Future" Co-Founder Shares Her Experience Working with Sabio Fellows

- November 28, 2016 No Comments
My Money, My Future is a start up that aims to inform millennials of color about making financial decisions. The digital platform helps address the wealth gap that people of color experience relative to their white peers. Data shows that black and Latino families have less wealth than their white counterparts. In 2013, white families had median wealth of $141,900, while Latino families were at $13,700 and black families at $11,000.

Ramona Ortega launched the My Money, My Future platform last month and used Sabio fellows to help build the tool. Ramona is not technical, but she knew that she needed to find some developers to help her. She ended up meeting with Liliana Monge, Sabio's co-founder and CEO, and the Sabio team, and found that the team understood her mission. One of Sabio's goals is to bring people from underrepresented backgrounds into technology so that they can have a stronger financial future. Because Sabio and Ramona have similar goals, working together seemed logical.

Along the way to creating the My Money, My Future tool, Ramona worked with Sabio fellows at a last year's Rise New York Super Heroes vs. Master Hackers Hackathon. At that event, the Sabio team created an app that would help people who are under-documented (immigrants who might not have all of their papers) access banking resources.

"The developers who I worked with were diverse and easy to work with. Working with developers from Sabio is probably different from working with people coming out of a computer science program at an elite school, where those coders have a lot of different options. What I really liked was how easy it was to share my ideas for engaging my audience; I felt like we had a mutual understanding of what I am trying accomplish. Sabio developers are very team oriented, and this was helpful to me because I didn't feel like there were competing agendas or ideas," Ramona said.

Because the technical part of building the tool was taken care of and being worked on efficiently, Ramona was able to think about other things such as marketing, engagement, and strategy.

And this is what we like to hear -- stories from entrepreneurs who come to Sabio because our fellows are team oriented and easy to work with and can deliver a solid product. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to build a website or app, reach out to Liliana or Gregorio for more information.

Donnie was working in the wireless industry as a customer service supervisor before he came to Sabio to #LearnToCode

- November 25, 2016 No Comments
Donnie W. had been working in the wireless industry in customer service and was laid off from his last job. He always had an interest in computers and technology since he was about 13 years old, but his interest was more in hardware. After Donnie was laid off from his last position, a friend told him about Sabio and shared with him the opportunities in the job market for software developers.

Donnie started the pre-work phase of the Sabio journey shortly after talking with his friend. At this point, he didn't have a college degree and felt like he was changing his life dramatically when he embarked on the journey to learn how to code. Donnie started pre-work in Culver City and attended coding bootcamp in Newport Beach studying with Aaron in Cohort 20.

"Aaron was really helpful especially because he could identify where everyone in our cohort was in their learning paths. He could direct us to where we needed to be to learn the material and write code," Donnie said. "And Aaron didn't leave anyone behind in the process."

Recently, Donnie was hired by a creative consulting company as a junior web developer, where he's mostly doing front end development. He found the job within two weeks of graduating from coding bootcamp and is now earning $15.00 more per hour than he was at his previous job.

Congrats Donnie!

Kendra transitioned from a career as a writer and editor to web development with Hearst Business Media's SEED Program

- November 13, 2016 No Comments
Kendra K. came to Sabio with limited technical experience and a bachelor's degree in philosophy from UC Berkeley. Her professional background has been in editing and writing. 

Hearst designed a program, SEED (Software Engineering Education and Development), with the purpose of helping employees who were looking for a change in their careers to obtain training and experience as a software developer. Hearst pays for its employees to attend a local coding bootcamp and then return to the company with a six-month paid internship. For the past eight years, Kendra had been working at Zynx Health, which is owned by the Hearst Corporation. 

Kendra applied to the SEED program, was accepted, and then enrolled in Sabio in Culver City. As an editor and writer, Kendra felt that her opportunities had become limited.

"Even though I had been promoted as a writer and editor in my current company, I had hit a wall and there weren't many more opportunities, so I was looking to do something where I would have room for growth," Kendra said.

Because Kendra's employer paid for the bootcamp course, paid her while she was in the course, and had an internship at her company waiting for her when she graduated from Sabio, she didn't have an excuse to not learn how to code.

When asked about her bootcamp experience at Sabio's Culver City location, Kendra said, "My instructor was Gregorio [Sabio's co-founder and CTO]. I'm so lucky that Gregorio was my instructor, not only for all of his technical expertise, but also for his practical experience about jobs and the industry. He gave us a lot tips about how a software developer should work and held us to a high standard."

Currently, Kendra is working in her technology internship at Zynx Health. When she completes her internship, her employer will help her find a technical position if she wants to continue this career track.

Congrats Kendra!

To learn more about Hearst Business Media's SEED Program, click here.

Gema enters Microsoft LEAP program, following the lead of previous Sabio fellows

- November 8, 2016 No Comments
The Microsoft LEAP Engineering Acceleration Program (LEAP) is an immersive 16 week paid program that provides participants with real world development experience.  The goal of the program is to not only provide development experience but to foster inclusivity and support diversity at Microsoft.  The program is highly competitive, with approximately 340 applicants, and only were 28 hired.  Sabio is super proud to have three Alumni participate in the Fall 2017 LEAP program.

Gema B. finished her Sabio bootcamp experience in July - 2015, and has been working as a Software Engineer for almost a year and a half at LA Fitness in Orange County. Last week she packed up and headed north to Washington state to participate in the LEAP program, which is in Redmond.

"I decided that I wanted to learn more and improve my skills. I applied to this program because my husband is in tech as well, and we have wanted to move somewhere else, and this opportunity seemed too good to pass up," Gema said.

Gema credits the Sabio fellows who have gone through this program with informing her of this opportunity and motivating her to apply for LEAP.

"I'm looking forward to being out of the busyness of L.A. I love how beautiful and green the Seattle area is is. As far as the program goes, I'm excited to start because of how much I have heard from the other fellows about how much they have learned and improved their skills. I'm also looking forward to the possibility of being hired by Microsoft when the program ends, so that would be something that I would like to see happen," Gema said.

Congrats Gema and good luck in Redmond.  The other two Sabio Fellows that are in Redmond are David L. and Lyrana H. The Sabio Community is super excited for these super smart Fellows.

Ai was working in marketing and felt stuck, so she decided to #LearnToCode

- October 31, 2016 No Comments
Ai M. studied advertising in college at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She had experience working in both advertising and marketing. Additionally, she had worked in Japan and Korea. Most recently, Ai had worked in brand marketing.

Last year Ai moved to Los Angeles, and as she was looking for work, she decided that she would try something new. In her last position in Korea, she was getting bored and wasn't learning as much as she wanted to. One of her friends is a web developer, and her friend suggested that Ai take online classes to see if she liked it.

"I wasn't moving forward with my career, and I wasn't really learning. When I was looking for a new career, I wanted something where I would constantly be learning, and web developer positions kept coming up," Ai said.

Ai started studying on Codecademy and really liked it. She did some research on bootcamps and attended an info session. From there, she decided to attend Sabio. The proximity to where she lived and the way that Gregorio (Sabio's CTO and Co-founder) answered questions made Ai feel comfortable with the program.

A start up that builds apps for the real estate industry hired Ai three weeks out of bootcamp (she graduated with Cohort 18). Ai's title is Associate Developer.

"The experience that I had with Sabio was amazing. It wasn't just a bootcamp experience. I also got to meet amazing people -- it's a community. I feel like I always have a place to go to ask for help and advice. It's important to me to be around supportive people when I'm learning," Ai said.

Congrats Ai on your new position and new career!

Dhara decided to #LearnToCode after working in accounting; now she's a software developer!

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Dhara P. was working in accounting on a freelance basis and had worked for a few seasons as a tax preparer. In addition, she had also worked helping her parents manage their business. Dhara had studied business in college and had taken some accounting courses, but she hadn't finished her degree.

"My mom is an accountant, and one of her clients is a software developer. My mom mentioned that I was interested in technology to him, and after communicating with him, he set up some small database projects working with SQL for me to work on. Also, my cousin Brijesh went to Sabio. I went to an info session and started pre-work, and from there decided to do the program," Dhara said. 

Dhara attended Sabio in Culver City, graduating in Cohort 14. After finishing her Sabio training, Dhara went to work for Begagig in San Francisco, a start up founded by Sabio fellows Nicki Klein and Melissa Hargis. She worked in an all female developer team working out of a house in San Francisco. Working with five women was an empowering experience for her coming right out of coding bootcamp. 

"It was a fun experience. We were in the house coding all day, but I learned a lot," Dhara said. 

Dhara's stint with Betagig is now over, but she just received a job offer to be a software developer and is going through the onboarding process with her new employer now. At 26 years of age, Dhara has already worked in accounting, in a start up environment, and is now on her way to work as a full-time software developer. She's excited about earning more money in a steady position instead of freelancing as an accountant and tax preparer.  

Congrats Dhara!