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By Aide Morales - July 20, 2013 1 Comment

My little boys recently got lacrosse sticks, and I was suddenly and completely unexpectedly taken back to the fall of 1992 when I moved to Ridgefield Connecticut as an ABC Scholar. For those of you not familiar with "ABC", it is a national nonprofit that is celebrating fifty years of placing motivated minorities in high performing high schools.

I was fifteen when I, with the help and support of my mom and sister, made the drastic decision to move 2,846 miles (you know I had to Google the exact distance) to a quaint-New England-bedroom community to attend high school.

For those of you not familiar with lacrosse sticks, they are literally sticks with a small net attached at one end. Those sticks are a physical representation of that strange new world that I drove right into. I clearly recall roaming the halls, during my first weeks at Ridgefield High School, when I spotted these exceptionally odd sticks being lugged around campus by my classmates. I was like, "What the hell are those things, and what the hell do you do with them"? I also recall spotting a number of my cohorts sporting gear with the letters LX on them, which also baffled me. I cannot recall exactly how long it took me to finally figure out that the LX stood for "Lacrosse" and that the sticks were used for a sport. As you may have figured-out by now, lacrosse is not exceptionally popular in South Los Angeles.

It is so interesting that having these innocuous sticks lying around the house brought about a rush of emotions. I was suddenly left examining my decision to move to CT. Now, as a mother of these two little guys, I think, "What the hell was I thinking, being all calm and collected about moving to CT!!" I almost had a panic attack, because I am so surprised that I was so chill and relaxed about that whole ordeal. The 36-year-old mom almost wants to admonish the 15-year-old teenager for being so lackadaisical about such a significant move. Today, I completely understand how crazy this world can be for a young woman, and I feel this weird sense of remorse for not having been more concerned about my move. Don't get me wrong, saying good-bye to my mom and sister at LAX was one of the hardest things I had ever done. I loved them dearly, and was very attached to both of them; however, although I knew I would miss them, I was not worried about what would happen to me when I arrived in CT. I was not exceptionally worried about how I would perform academically, nor if I would find friends. I just said to myself when the ABC opportunity presented itself to me, "this is going to be a fantastic opportunity for me to get a great education, and hopefully, I will also end-up in a good college - where do I sign-up?" Oh, but to be a young and brave 15-year-old.

Now, as I begin my third, or forth entrepreneurial endeavor (I don't know if shuttling Wellesley Women to and fro Boston Logan Airport officially counts as my first business), and I contemplate the possibility of leaving my full-time-corporate job, I am so much more cautious and concerned.

I am grateful that in my youth I was naive enough to not let my fears and trepidations about a new and unfamiliar experience limit my educational opportunities, and now, I must be grateful that my wiser, older self is a bit more cautious, but I must retain some of that bravery from my youth, so that Sabio ( can become a reality, and so that other young and brave adults may also receive an exceptional educational experience, and have their lives transformed forever.

I know need to learn how to teach my boys how to become good lacrosse players, in the event I find myself in New England again, so that they don't run around trying to figure out what the hell LX stands for.


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