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How to Select a Developer Bootcamp

By Gregorio Rojas - August 7, 2013 1 Comment
Learn to code.

If you are not sure what do with yourself or your life, learn to code. I am not sure if and when this will become terrible advice but right now there is no better advice if you are looking for a career. Who does this apply to? Everyone. If you woke up this morning, it applies to you.

Once you get started you are going to have to make a decision about how you are going to go about learning to code. There are two primary ways you can do this. On one extreme you can take it upon your self to do this mainly for free by using all the resources around you. That is actually a larger topic that I will take up at a later point. Right now I want to talk about the option that sits at the other end of the spectrum: developer bootcamps.

Once you start searching for developer bootcamps you are going to find that there are only a few but more pop up every day. You can find some on our site but I cannot even keep up with all the new ones. It stinks that it seems like many change their name after a few months.

So how do you go about selecting a bootcamp? Many of them are new so it is going to be hard to make this decision w/o putting some thought behind it. I want to break this down for you in some simple terms so that you do not get confused and so that you can focus on what matters.

It's more than just a name

I want you to know that just b/c someone calls themselves a bootcamp, that does not make them a bootcamp. Since I watch this space i see many providers who were once teaching classes, overnight convert into a bootcamp. Their content and methodologies did not change, just their name. If you see this, run.

Cost vs Value

These are big ticket items. You will experience sticker shock. Others can explain to you why theirs cost so much. At Sabio our cost is very much tied to the quality of our instructors and services we provide which can summarized as: interview preparation, job placement, and extended mentor ship. Our class size is also pretty small. We are aiming for a ratio of 5 to 1.

You do not want the high price to deter you b/c it is well worth it. So be sure to look past that and on to the other points below.

Who is going to teach you?

You want someone that has "been there, done that". Those who have been professional educators/teachers do not have the required experience to teach what it is really like on a development team. You want that. Coding, is more than just typing. The longer they have been in the profession the better. Some will highlight that bootcamps are not like classes available at schools and that they are in fact superior. We feel that way too. So how are the results going to be different if they take the teacher out of one classroom and put them into another one? Is it just the fact that they put more hours together and pack them into a shorter period of time? We are not confident that this is a winning formula.

How much time are they going to spend with you?

I saw one bootcamp advertise that they would be spending a total of 9 hours with you per week. Nine. Hours. Per. Week. Do the math and I think you will see what I see.

How many other people are going to be in your class?

A bootcamp with 30 other students and 1 teacher. This is not what you want. That is nothing more than a class. Think about the attention you are going to get for 1 second. 1 second is all you need b/c that is all you are going to get.

What are they going to teach you?

Becoming a software developer is more than just typing. If they are not making an effort to teach how to walk the walk, the value that they are delivering will be lacking.

What are you going to get out of it?

What is the point of the bootcamp? What are supposed to walk away with? If the intent of the program is really to get you job ready then what is going to hold them to this?  What is going to keep them from just talking at you and walking away with your money? At Sabio, we are not comfortable without accountability. This smells to much like the for-profit technical institutions that advertise on late night TV. That stinks.

At Sabio, you are supposed to walk away with a J.O.B. If we do not deliver, you do not owe us the cost of the training. Simple, right?

Our disclaimer/not so-small print/CYA

These comments are our opinion. These comments are not meant to reflect on any 1 or several specific organizations. We have gathered info on SOME bootcamps on our site to help you get started in the research of us all. You need to formulate your own opinion and use that to make up your own mind.

If you have any questions about Sabio just let us know.


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