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I see dead people, uhh I mean developers, I see developers

By Gregorio Rojas - August 15, 2013 No Comments
I see dead people. Walking around like regular people.
They don't see each other. They only see what they want to see.
They don't know they're dead. -- Cole Sear
Sometimes I feel like that kid.
I see developers. Walking around like regular people (because developers are regular people). They don't see each other. They only see what others have told them they could see. They don't know that they could be developers if they wanted to be. -- Me
"What kind of person do i have to be to become a developer?" Many ask me this question. It implies that one has to be a particular kind of person. You have to be flat out geeky, nerdy and awkward, right? You have to love science? Certainly you should an affinity for math, right?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. I actually hate math.

I like people and talking to them throughout the day. Developers just sit at their desks and talk to no one.


You have to be a super genius to do that stuff, right?


When i see people, I see developers in the making. Anyone could become a developer. Anyone.

Developers have many things in common but the main thing that sets us apart from most people is that we use code to solve problems. Many people solve problems, not everyone does it with code. Sometimes we just come up with an idea to write code and someone else actually does the writing. Many times that code was already written by someone else and we just need to install it in the right place. Not many people do this kind of thing but plenty of people solve problems.

Back to the main question: "what kind of person do you have to be?" I know musicians who code. I know DJ's who code. I know people who would kick your but in golf, cycling, and tennis who code (not the same person). I know mixed martial artists, actual artists and weight lifters who code. Cooks who code. I know photographers and surfers that code. Hippies code. I know black leather wearing in the summer, metal music, country music loving people.. who code. I know more than a few beer and wine aficionados that code. Sports and stats junkies code. Karaoke singers code.

Seems like all kinds of people code.

Forget what you think about developers being geeks and dorks and math wizards. We are people who solve problems. That is the only type of person you have to be. 

The code, you can learn. Get to it.

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