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The Future Is Only Five Months Away

By Gregorio Rojas - August 2, 2013 No Comments
Sabio's mission and how we chose to execute on it puts us in new and unique space. Yes, you can bunch us together with many of the other STEM initiatives out there, after all we push the T in STEM like few others. Unlike most other STEM initiates we do not focus on K-12 or the higher ed population, but we do support these types of programs often. 

You could try and put us into an economic development or workforce development category, but the deferred cost aspects of our program combined with the high accountability we hold ourselves to disqualifies us from that category.

For-profit education? Nope. We are first about IMPACT and revenue only to the point that it would support a healthy, sustainable business. 

Thankfully there are other developer bootcamps in the country so at the very least we have that group. However, the value we place in diversity distinguishes us apart from these comrades. This is a manifestation of our mission: to create a diverse workforce. This is not a knock on the other camps. We often promote these other orgs to people who live closer to them than to us. We wish there were more bootcamps but we clearly stand apart from them in this regard.

If you are an adult woman or minority, If you care about diversity or if you have a P.H.D (Poor, Hungry and Driven) and you want to jump start a career in technology, we are your home. You will excel here and you will succeed. You can hold us to that.

We are actively pursuing our mission. We are pushing to make this a reality, today. Not tomorrow. In a little over a month, Sabio's first cohort will get underway. Five months later our technology workforce will be more diverse. Some talk about these events like its something we have to wait for. We do not. It is something that is upon us in the here and now. 

It takes a village and we look forward to the continued support of the LA tech community in the coming months. If you are interested in mentoring our fellows this fall, let us know. Whatever amount of time you can contribute whether it is via email, skype or in person, it would be greatly appreciated.

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