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Full Circle

By Aide Morales - October 29, 2013 No Comments

Earlier this year Gregorio and I participated in the Hack 4 LA event held at the Boyle Heights Technology Center.  Over 150 Angeleons gathered to design, develop, and deploy civicly-focused web products via a two-day hackathon.

Gregorio and I volunteered throughout the weekend-long event and we met tons of civicly-minded individuals that were also interested in using the internet to create solutions for our lives.  At that time Sabio was still just an idea, and we "pitched" it to the many individuals we encountered throughout the weekend.  We made some fantastic connections and continued to plug along throughout the summer to launch our first Sabio cohort.

This past weekend we returned to the Boyle Heights Technology Center with our Sabio Fellows to participate in the LOFT + Google Coding Jam Session, designed to expose Latin@ youth to the world of coding and technology companies.  The Google Hola Team, was on hand to assist the teenagers with an online Codecademy tutorial, and to discuss their backgrounds and their specific roles at Google.

The Sabio Fellows helped lead tutorial sessions and to field questions from individual students and their parents about the world of coding.  Gregorio interacted with a quiet 13-year-old-young man that demonstrated significant talent and affinity towards the material.  Gregorio made a point to stress the importance of continuing to use free resources available to further his development as a techie, both to the boy and his parents.

Undoubtedly, lives were transformed by the Coding Jam Session. Many of the attendees, young men and women from Boyle Heights, currently don't have tech role models; therefore being in a room with over a dozen talented and motivated Latin@ Google team members, and the Sabio Fellows, must have left a significant positive impression.  These youngsters now see that they can not only consume Technology, but also create it.  

I know that as Gregorio's wife, it must be difficult for me to be objective; however, having seen first hand how tirelessly Gregorio has worked to recruit and train the Fellows, and then to see the Fellows interact with others that are also eager to #learntocode - I was exceptionally proud of him, and the Fellows.

Days like that, when it all comes together, make the long days so worthwhile - and I am exceptionally proud of what he, and they, have accomplished.  

Sabio Fellows will not only enrich and empower themselves with technical expertise, but they will also serve to empower other Angelenos, who are looking to become tech creators.

Keep on pushing forward, let's work together to improve the coding landscape in Los Angeles, and let's get more individuals learning how to code, it will pay exceptionally high dividends to our community, and the economy at large.

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Barbara - Sabio Fellow working with Latin@ Youth in Los Angeles

Julia and Chris- Sabio Fellows

Kevin - Sabio Fellow working with Lati@ Youth

Google Hola Team talking about Technology with Latin@ Youth in Los Angeles during LOFT + Google Coding Jam

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