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Sabio Fellows win Best Health & Fitness App at their First Hackathon

By Aide Morales - December 9, 2013 3 Comments

sabio fellows win best health & fitness app at their first hackathon

Barbara Carson, Kevin Reevers, Christopher Cornwell, Julia Wells, and Gregorio Rojas, Co-Founder (left to right) Photo Credit: Alberto Roca

On December 7-8th, the Sabio Fellows participated in the HackForLA hackathon and won the Demand Media Best Health & Fitness App award!

Sabio’s inaugural cohort (the “Sabio Fellows”) competed against 27 other groups in a 2-day community hackathon to design and build the best web app utilizing open source data from the site.  Led by instructor and Sabio Co-Founder, Gregorio Rojas, the Fellows programmed a fully functional app Are You In?, a bilingual English/Spanish app promoting community health and wellness by matching users for impromptu athletic activities at their local public parks utilizing the data on city parks.  Users are notified when other users express interest in joining their activities so they do not waste time driving down to any empty park. Additionally, app users are also provided with direct contact information of their government official to report any incidents or maintenance issues with the parks they select for their activity.  The application is available for desktops and mobile devices including tablets.

“This is Sabio’s first cohort, and they have only been coding for 10 weeks,” said Liliana Aide Monge, Sabio’s Co-Founder, “so we are especially proud to see them rise to such great heights, and succeed at their first hackathon.  We set out to teach people to code, and clearly we have demonstrated that people with little-to-no technical expertise can learn to code and be successful web programmers.  Keep your eye on them, because you can expect more great things from them in the future.”  The team utilized the ASP.NET MVC framework, coding in HTML/CSS, Javascript, Jquery, C#, and SQL.  

Founded in September 2013, the mission of Sabio is to introduce more women and other individuals from underrepresented groups, to the world of web development by teaching students software development via an intensive 6-month boot camp setting.  The Fellows meet for 20 hours each weekend to learn front-end and back-end web development, with the intent of becoming full-stack web developers.  Sabio is changing the face of the tech world to reflect the diversity of its hometown, Los Angeles.

For more information or mentoring opportunities, visit http://www.  

3 comments to '' Sabio Fellows win Best Health & Fitness App at their First Hackathon "

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