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It is NOT just a Job

By Gregorio Rojas - January 10, 2014 No Comments
"It's just a job. You should not learn to code just to get a job."
I hear that often. I completely disagree. It used to baffle me that people would say such a thing then i realized one day that maybe those people and I were talking about two different things. Just a Job?Maybe the word job has different meaning to other people than it does to me. This is the only explanation that makes sense so I wanted to share with you my definition of a J.O.B, specifically a job coding:

The single most rewarding, educational, financially lucrative and self empowering activity any individual can partake in. More educational and self-empowering than any college education.

Many will scoff at this statement so let me explain my reasoning. 

Some will say that an education at the right college would be more empowering and educational. Some would say that going to school to rub elbows with the future leaders of XYZ industry would be more empowering. I say learn to code and go to work for the current leaders of said industry and learn ever- single-thing you can from them. Start now, not 2 or 4 years from now. Be a sponge and start contributing as soon as possible. 

Why bet on who might be successful a couple of years from now. Find the most successful people and companies and go get a job with them. Few have the opportunity to get in those doors like programmers do. Go become a programmer. If you're good a solving problems, you are halfway there.

Look at this way. You can learn to code for free, or at a significant discount, in comparison to a four year institution or any MBA program. You can do this in as little as 3-6 months. By month 7 you could be out building stuff. Stuff you come up with out of thin air or stuff that other people came up with out of thin air.  If you took the MBA route would only be a quarter of the way there, at best. This is assuming a 2 year program.

Every single day you are not only learning about code but you are learning on how to build things. You are learning about an industry and getting real hands on experiences and developing relationships with people. Real world experience. Not a silly class. People. Real people in the business. What business? What people? You pick.

Work as hard at that as you would have in the 2, 4 or 6 years of school and you will have not bought, but earned yourself the best damn education available to any individual. You will not be in debt up to your eyeballs. You will have a fantastic salary. So much so that you could fund your own start up.

All along the way having in a choice in what you do and who you do it with.

The only thing left up to you is to make a few decisions about the industry and people you work with so that you can assure yourself that all of this would be rewarding. These decisions are up to you. Not your college admission officer and not some other random Joe. You. 

Self Empowerment.

Learn to code and get out of the mousetrap society has built for you. 

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