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Programming is fun and easy - Work for who you want

By Gregorio Rojas - January 30, 2014 No Comments
Programming is fun and easy. Here is where I explain why I can say that.

I am going to continue to share my perspective on this issue below. Again, for those of you that did not ready my earlier post. I have the nerve to say that programming is fun and easy because I know how hard some other things are.

Working for someone that treats you like crap

I have actually worked for a few of these people. Working for them makes you want to rip your head off and bury it in the sand. Your head or their head. One of the two. This is no fun and not really easy. It is stressful and you hate your life every morning that you are drive into work. I worked for one of these people before I could code. I had to stay much, much longer than I wanted. I had no choice. That sucked.

I worked for someone like this after I learned to code. I was employed as a developer. I left when I was ready. It sucked that I had to leave, but I could whenever I wanted. That made life easier and made me feel super.

Working outside with a shovel

As you can imagine, I was digging holes with that shovel. The hot, humid New England summer does not present itself as a pleasant environment for this. Actually, not sure any environment would really change how hard this job was. It was not fun. It was far from easy. It did pay "well" in comparison to other jobs I could have been doing with my skill set, but not really.

Working in the back of liquor store

Simple job really, sort the bottles and cans and clean up and every now then. How hard can that be right? Well it sucked. Broken glass and spilled beer of every variety does not make for an enjoyable work day. I had the distinct pleasure of working this job in the dead of winter. Many of the bottles I had to bag in BIG plastic bags and throw in the back of a truck. In actuality I had to place them ever so gently and pray. Unfortunately, the big plastic bags the owner provided where so thin that the cold air would cause them to freeze making the bags very brittle. Turns out very brittle plastic bags and very likely to break open.

Bagging the bottles 1 time, inside the cold storage room was no fun. Bagging them the second time in the back of the truck really did not make it better. The pay sucked just as hard.


As a developer you generally work in a nicely air conditioned office. Besides setting up your desk and keyboard to avoid carpal tunnel the most demanding physical aspect of your job is to pick up a keg for the office party.

More on this topic in a few days. Until then hit us up with any questions about our bootcamp.

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