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Forget what the gatekeepers have said, you can learn to code!

By Aide Morales - March 25, 2014 No Comments

Greg and I, the two Sabio Co-Founders,  talk to a lot of people about learning to code, and surprisingly, the one question that is consistently raised is “Can I really learn to code?” I think that people are not really asking if they have the capacity to learn, but more, do they have the permission to learn.

For a host of sociological reasons that I don’t necessarily agree with, and or fully understand, various individuals make it their life’s mission to be gatekeepers. Some are perfectly well intended individuals, like your high school counselor, who tried to sit with you and ask you some questions about your likes and dislikes in an effort to help steer you towards the “right profession and or college”.  Others are on a straight power-trip and think it is their life’s mission to only let people they deem worthy into the proverbial tent. 
If you think there is a big-bad bouncer standing in-front of the tech job you are looking to secure, Sabio is your back door to the Tech World party!  We are the ones that know the secret-tech hand shake, and we are willing, and able to teach it to you.  We’ve done it before, and we are gonna do it again.

What is our matrix for letting you into the party? Your willingness to do the work. To be diligent about learning the craft of coding. What we want to know is if you are dedicated, committed, and relentless about your desire and motivation to become an exceptional web developer.  We don’t care about, which high school you graduated from, which college you or your parents attended, or where you live.  We only care that you will follow our instructions, and put the elbow grease into learning syntax, learning the different languages we will teach you, and be a dedicated and hard-working web developer the second you become a Sabio Fellow.  That is what matters, not your pedigree, not your laurels. We care about determination, and grit. Will you give-up 20 of your Saturdays and Sundays to come and learn to code with us, and your Fellows? Will you read the literature we recommend? Will you watch the tutorials? Will you write code, time and time again, even after countless error messages until you get that darn server to return the exact records you know are stored in there!! Will you persist?  If the answer is YES, then for sure, we will let you into the Tech Party, which is a pretty great place to be!

We will be by your side every step of the way, but you must be driving the bus.
Forget what others have told you about what you CAN and CANNOT do. If there is something inside of YOU that says “I want to code, I want to build web products, or myself, or others, and I am willing to make the investment of time and effort”, then you have what it takes to become an exceptional web developer.  We guarantee it.

Forget what the gatekeepers have said or will say. You don’t need their permission! You don’t need to have a computer science degree. You don’t need to be an exceptionally brilliant math/quant person. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to code, although we have had rocket scientist inquire about learning to code. 

You just need to be dedicated, and to join Sabio!


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