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Here comes the new-tech economy, ready or not!

By Aide Morales - March 20, 2014 No Comments

As one of the Sabio Co-Founders I have the distinct pleasure of managing all the back office "stuff,” like accounting, and financial reporting. When Sabio opened up its business bank account I received two things to manage it: a paper checkbook and a special electronic token for making online payments. Recently, I realized how well these two items perfectly represent the old and new economies, and how important technology is in our world today.

As you know, paying a vendor via your online account takes little-to-no effort, and within hours the money that is stored in your account can be transferred to a vendor's account with a few clicks of your mouse, or a few swipes of your finger, if you are on a mobile device. Both my account information, and my vendors’ information, is stored in some server. And by writing code, computer engineers allow us, the “public” to instruct the server to send money to another server, all with ease and speed — not to mention reliability.
Let's think of the converse. When I write a check, someone at a printing press manufactures the checks, someone had to manufacture the binder, and the metal rings that hold it all together, I then have to mail the check and use a stamp and an envelope, my vendor then has to walk the check into their bank and make the deposit. How laborious is that? Think of all those individuals involved in printing the checks, delivering them to a vendor, and the bank teller processing the deposit — all those people will see fewer clients when I take the electronic route. Because 90% of the time I make all my payments via a website, as do you.
Machines, and the people that know how to boss them around via code, are the ones that have a growing opportunity in today’s “New Tech Economy”, verses those of us that are stuck doing more labor-intensive work.

It is not an understatement when we say, "Learn to code and change the world". It is the absolute truth. Machines, and those that know how to communicate with them, own the future.  Are you ready to be part of this new and exciting world?

Join Sabio. Learn to Code, and Change the World!

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