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Latinos are natural born coders

By Aide Morales - April 9, 2014 No Comments
Written by Guest Blogger: @SaraChicaD

I am a natural coder.

On Saturday I attended the #LearnToCode event sponsored by Sabio for DIY Girls as

part of my pursuit of an education in coding. Recently one of my code coaches said

something that blew my mind: “All you’re doing is telling the computer what you 

want, but in a way it understands.” 

You see, as a bilingual Latina, I do this all the time: do you say it in English or

Spanish, or Spanglish?

Latinos are natural coders, switching between languages and contexts all the time,

so that the recipient of their message gets the information just right. Once I realized

that coding was something I could do — I began to attack it as I do other things I’m

already good at. Translating a blog. Explaining something to my abuelita in Spanish.

Trying to help my non-Latino friends understand the chancla mystique.

And Sabio’s workshop was a perfect step in my direction towards learning code.

Gregorio Rojas spent the first part of the workshop explaining basic concepts to

help us build our own websites. After a yummy pizza lunch, we came back to dig

deep into our new resume sites. (Here’s mine). Not only Gregorio, but several other

coaches were there to help us with the site.

I was able to change my name and details, add photos and links, and customize the

website in a variety of ways to make it my own. Although I’ve only made a handful

of websites in my life, the Sabio website I made was definitely the coolest one ever! I

was so proud of myself.

I think my favorite thing about the Sabio coding event was that I met up with other

cool Latinos and Latinas, while working with a group of super smart professionals

who were invested in helping me to learn. The experience left me feeling like not

only can I learn to code — but I can be good at it, too!

When I was in college I really wanted to learn how to code but felt intimidated by

the crazed computer science people who were, for the most part, young white men

of privilege. I felt intimidated and never followed through. My mistake.

But now, thanks to Sabio, I don’t have to let that mistake haunt me for the rest of my

life. I can learn to code, and Sabio can help me get there.

For more information about Sabio click here.


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