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Be Real

By Gregorio Rojas - July 19, 2014 No Comments

Fourteen days into our 70 days of code. Our #3 cohort just finished two weeks. Our #2 cohort is about 12 weeks. Our little startup has 10 people learning learning to code and we are rolling. But in spite of the momentum we have right now, we will need more to get us through to September. Seventy days of straight of intense work is not something to be taken lightly.

However, I am nothing but confident that we will power through the remaining 8 weeks. I am sure that the last week will be just as intense as the first and am happy to know that it will be so much more fun. Why do i know this? Because this is real. We are real. Our Fellows are real. We are real in our intentions and in our drive. You could not get past week #1 if this was not the case.

People ask us what it takes to get into our training. I sometimes have a hard time answering this question because i do not want to tell you the answer to the test. Since we do not screen by technical skills, education or prior experience what is left?

One way I can answer this question is to tell you that we look for people who are real about their intentions and desires to learn to code. If given the opportunity, people reveal this about themselves.

From our perspective, I can tell you without out a doubt, that if you are real in your intentions, you will learn to code if you give us the opportunity to get you there.

Learn to code and change the world.

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