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If Computer Scientist Ran Hospitals

By Gregorio Rojas - July 22, 2014 No Comments

Usually, if you are looking to get into this field you end up talking to a few established “computer scientists”. Many times these people will discourage you from even attempting to get into the field for one BS reason or another. These naysayers rely on an arcane and outdated idea of what it means to be in computer science and more importantly what it takes to become a software developer.

Let me highlight this distinction. A software developer, web developer or pixel pusher is not really a computer scientist. There is a huge spectrum of skills and jobs within what most people would call computer science but most only talk about the actual scientists. To call an HTML developer, or node.js developer a scientist is truly an insult to computer scientist. This does not keep a true scientist from writing HTML but a true computer scientist probably has bigger tasks they need to address than the markup of a web page.

Many in the software development field may not like the fact that I am stripping them of their “computer science” titles. No one likes being taken down a rung. As they say, the truth hurts.

Let me illustrate how this actually manifests, or would manifest itself in the real world. Right now, if you want to get into Computer Science, you are often told you need to have some type of CS degree, have a particular background and spend your free time in a certain way. I will focus on the degree aspects of this mumbo jumbo.

If these same professionals were doctors, they would be telling us that everyone that worked in a hospital should have an M.D. (meaning they want you to have gone to school for a long time to become a “Medical Doctor”). I stress EVERYONE. If you swept the floors, mopped up the blood, answered the phones, took notes, cooked dinners or took someone's temperature you should have your MD.

That makes no sense. Why would the guy with the mop or at the front desk need to have a degree that would qualify him to cut people open? That seems silly. But that is what CS wants from you.

This is the BS barrier they have put up and that somehow they collectively defend when someone “not worthy” approaches. "We cannot find qualified people?"

When they do find qualified doctors, many times they put a mop in their hands and tell them to have a nice day. Thankfully, that is truly all they are qualified to do.

But they look like doctors and that is what counts.

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