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LA, the place for innovative tech & media companies

By Gregorio Rojas - July 21, 2014 No Comments

Neither of the Sabio Founders are LA "natives" as in neither of us were born here. I made Los Angeles my home at the age of five, and have lived here most of my life, with the exception of my seven-year CT-MA stint, and Gregorio has lived here for the last 14 years. We do not espouse "LA is the Best in the West" simply because we have chosen to live here, and build our home here. 

I make the distinction between native Angelenos and those of us that have lived here for most of our lives to make the point that I can be "objective" about how great Los Angeles is.  

As a self-proclaimed media junkie, one that spends way too many hours reading the latest LA Business Journal, the LA Tech Business Journal, the LA Times, the WSJ, and anything else that catches my fancy on my LinkedIn and Twitter streams, it has become exceptionally apparent that Los Angeles is truly a great place to be a techy.  

Take a look at the recent Built in LA article that highlights how an NYC firm, MDGID, announced it will be moving to Los Angeles soon.  As the Garrett Reim, the news reporter details, "Los Angeles is developing a cottage industry for advertising engagement with companies like,Gravity, a content syndication network, Nativo, a programmatic advertising platform, True[x] Media, an interactive advertising platform, and MGID".  

It is already a given that Los Angeles is the world's creative capital; however, now, with the mobile device taking over as one of our primary sources of entertainment, Los Angeles is uniquely situated to capitalize on this new growth opportunity.  But to fully meet this potential, Los Angeles is going to need tons of web developers. People that can take all that creative content/assets/property and deliver it to our mobile devices in seconds, with exceptional quality and specifically tailored to our spending habits.  

These are certainly exciting times for our region, and I can say this as an unbiased, non-native Angeleno.  Although, I am sure there are a lot of great native Angelenos that can also be unbiased.    

Capitalize on this unique opportunity. 

Learn to Code and help recreate the world's creative capital into the world's most technologically sophisticated creative capital. 

Join us!

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