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Losing Touch with Reality

By Gregorio Rojas - July 7, 2014 No Comments

Today was day 1 of our new cohort and I am reminded about how much an individual can lose touch with the general population. I have grown very sensitive to this phenomena as a developer training others, with no technical background, to become developers.

When I talk in tech jargon and I say something that sounds like “the sky is blue” to me, I do expect to hear the occasional question of:  “why is the sky blue?” It is clear, though, that I have lost touch when what I hear back is “what is the sky?”


I have to scale back my jargon and break it down to true laymen’s terms. This is easy enough to fix and with little repercussion since I am given an opportunity to fix it right away. But I leave room for this opportunity and I watch for it. This is one of the things that lets me correct for it. What happens though when you do not leave room for it?

Not too long ago I was in room with two very well off and influential people. You would know these names and if you were in tech you say that “influential” is an understatement. They had many great things to say and listening to them talk was a pleasure. But, wow, have they lost touch.

At some point in the conversation they both agreed that everyone, at this point in time, should know that technology and things like becoming a developer is something to do.


Here we have two very well respected leaders, people who influence how others think and act and they are promoting this idea that technology has reached into everyone’s home. Wrong.

In the past two years I spoken to many people, of many different backgrounds and I can tell you categorically that the vast majority of our population has no idea what it means to be in technology, never mind what it takes or what it means to be software developer.

People do not know where software is made. They do not know that it does not all come from “China”. They also do not know that that PEOPLE write software. They have no idea. None. It is as if they expect it to grow on trees.

Before your mind starts to wander down the road of how the uneducated and less privileged do not know these things, let me tell you that many of these people were recent college grads. Think what you will about what this says about our education system, I think it is crap, it does not change the fact that people just do not know.

They do not know.

We are out to change that. We are out to take these people and give them the opportunity to learn how to code.

After all, anyone can learn to code.

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