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Practice Like It's Real

By Gregorio Rojas - July 25, 2014 No Comments

Practice like it's real. So when it's real, it's just like practice.
I first read those words when I was much younger, probably when I was in high school. It made terrible sense to me at the time and most of what I have experienced has only served to reinforce its true wisdom.

We build developers in a real world setting. There are easier ways to do this. There are ways that we could train people that would not be so rigorous. But the truth is that this would come at a cost that we do not want to pay.

What would happen when our new developers get hired and are expected to work in a team? A team with different personalities, a team whose members do not always test their code. What would you do if you were not given all the answers? What if you had to make a choice about what code you would implement? What are you going to do buried in a ton of other code that was not yours.

Three months with Sabio and you would know exactly what to do.

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