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Seventy Days of Code - Day 1

By Gregorio Rojas - July 5, 2014 1 Comment

Seventy Days of Code 
The seventy, consecutive day period Sabio trained over the summer of 2014. Each day ending or starting with a blog or two, from one of its founders.

The next chapter in the life of Sabio started this Independence Day weekend. As with every other chapter, it started with us sacrificing our time as a family. Liliana is currently at the Essence festival in NOLA and I am in Los Angeles training our Fellows and making sure the little tikes we have at home brush their teeth.  We are a start-up, bootstrapping and operating in an ocean that is so wide and so blue that it is difficult to keep our bearings.

These next 70 days of code are not about us though, they are about our Fellows and future Fellows that have yet to hear about us. What I hope they hear is that coding is an option. Coding is fun and easy and they should give it a try because it is not what they think it is. It is a fun and social career that is full of great opportunity.

If I could personally ask any one thing of you, it is to help us spread this word everywhere. Every. Where.

Anyone can learn to code

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