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Tech must divorce STEM

By Gregorio Rojas - July 10, 2014 No Comments

The close association that technology and its advancement in our country has taken with STEM must change. 

Yes I'm heavily biased towards technology but it's not without a good reason. Technology and the mastery of simple coding can change your life and everyone around you. The same cannot be said for science, engineering or math. In all those fields you really have to have some type of advanced skill or knowledge to have an impact. 

Aint nobody got time to acquire that kind of knowledge.

 Many of us are left in a position or find our selves in a position where we need immediate change, immediate impact in our lives. Technology through code can do that.

Technology being lumped together with math, complex calculus, engineering chemistry and the like best technology a disservice. 

Coding can be fun and easy. 

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