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The Bar Is Low - Reach For It

By Gregorio Rojas - July 26, 2014 No Comments

The bar is set low in this industry. How could you argue differently when someone with 3 months experience can get into a high paying seat in the industry.  You cannot. The overall quality of developers in this country is horrendous.

People are going to say differently and if they do it is because they are trying to sell you something. Maybe they are trying to sell you on a long term, pricey education. Maybe they want to sell you that this industry is very tough to break into and really not for you. Maybe they just don't want competition.

Getting past the idea that you could not code and getting to the point in your mind when realize that you could is the hardest part about learning to code. The frustrations that drive you mad and drive you to want to give up go away.

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