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The Developer Bootcamp for Homeless

By Gregorio Rojas - July 13, 2014 No Comments
No, we do not recruit nor train people who are homeless to code. Although, we would do so if given the opportunity. We also do not code for food. So what do homeless people have to do with Sabio? The answer is very simple: IDFK.

This is why I bring it up, because someone at one time thought to associate what we do at Sabio with training homeless people. Much of what we do naturally puts us into conversations regarding things like “implicit bias”, which is the nice way of saying that someone is discriminating against someone else for no real good reason. While I leave room for the fact that this can happen with no true malice, the fact it happens and how truly deep it runs is simply messed up.

I have talked to so many different people about Sabio but there is this one time that just stays with me as an illustrative point of how messed up we as people can be. In telling someone about the “developer training program for women and minorities” that we run, I found myself in what was a very uncomfortable conversation.

I found myself defending Sabio in ways that I was not prepared. I was frustrated and confused. Why were they asking me these things? Why would they say such things about our candidates? It was not until they mentioned all "the drug and psychological" problems that our people would have that I was broke down and had to ask: “What are you talking about? Why would they have drug problems and psychological problems?”

Apparently when I say “women and minorities” some people associate this with homelessness, drug addiction and psychological problems. Or maybe it was the “developer training program for…” that made the association.

This is messed up and this is what we are out to change. 

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