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The hardest thing about learning to code - Seventy Days of Code

By Gregorio Rojas - July 6, 2014 No Comments

Last year a young student asked me what was the hardest thing that I had done in my career. No one had asked me this before but it did not take me long to answer: “My first two weeks.”

I am 15 years into my career and a couple of years into Sabio. I have done many things but still, those two weeks really sucked. It was the hardest thing I have ever done with code because until I had those weeks behind me I did not really think I could ever code.

Even after I had completed my little project I did not believe. It was only after I demoed my wonderful little page to my class that it occurred to me that I could.

I recall this because tomorrow we start our third cohort. I know these next two weeks will be their toughest. Getting them to fully embrace the idea that they will be bad ass programmers and to discard all doubt will be the actual challenge.

Once you get past this obstacle you realize that coding is nothing but fun and easy. Very frustrating at times but that frustration is easily forgotten and drowned out with cheers of joy. “Yes!” and “Bam!” are common sounds heard from our training room.

“Bam!” is rewarding enough to make you dive back in looking for more fun.

My first “Bam!" came in wee hours of the night in a computer lab graciously provided by Wellesley College and Liliana. I have recreated my accomplishment here for your review.

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