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Who are the Sabio Co-Founders? #70DaysofCode

By Aide Morales - July 24, 2014 No Comments
Liliana Aide Monge and Greogorio Rojas, have been tech entrepreneurs in Los Angeles since 2004, when they designed and operated various Los Angeles real estate websites.  But, even before then, Gregorio was tinkering with code, and launched back in 1999.

Collectively, over many long, and often times heated conversations, they created Sabio to increasing the number of women, and people from underrepresented groups, that are tech creators via an intensive and immersive web developer training program.  In order to make coding accessible to non-traditional groups, they created a 20 week, weekend program, allowing full-time mothers/fathers and full-time employees to learn these valuable skills on the weekends and week nights.  The first cohort, which finished in Feb 2014, collectively doubled their incomes once they secured full-time positions as full-stack web developers throughout Los Angeles.  

Now, Sabio runs both weekend and weekday programs, and will start a weeknight program in 2015.  Sabio empowers women, and people from diverse groups, to become tech creators by equipping them with real-world tech skills currently in high demand. They are also happily married, and live in Los Angeles with their two young boys, that will also become master builders one day.

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