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Workforce development?

By Gregorio Rojas - July 16, 2014 No Comments

Yes, I pose this as a question because what I have come to know about “workforce development” only raises questions. Questions like, "If the jobs are so good why don't you apply?" Most other questions end in WTF?"

Sabio is about workforce development. It is about training people to obtain skills that will allow them to be gainfully employed. Take a brief look at what that means. Maybe we are just too optimistic, but we also feel that that said employment should put you in a position to provide for yourself beyond the bare bones necessities. Actually, in today’s world, there is no reason why a job should not provide for true economic empowerment and change that reaches into many aspects of your life and others around you. None.

If you are work in “workforce development” you probably disagree with me.  (I have to wrap this term in quotes because I cannot, in good conscience, recognize them for what they purport to be.)

I will summarize what I have learned about “workforce development” in the past two years by telling you what I have identified as their two top most meaningful activities:

  • Train people to get jobs that do not need much training and they are essentially dead end jobs. These are jobs that many of us in society are actually working to eliminate so we are essentially working to put these people out of job as soon as we can. Nice.
  • Provide employment for people to work in “workforce development” itself.

I will close out by telling you my favorite sentiment that is often communicated to me by those in workforce development. I cannot quote this directly because there are a variety of terrible, disgusting ways this gets communicated to me.
Our people could not learn to code.
As wrote above, this only raises questions.

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