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Tech job advice from Tumblr, Reddit & Mozilla

By SaraChicaD - August 18, 2014 No Comments
A great article from The Washington Post points out that, in order to be a great tech worker and thinker, you need to know more than just how to code. For example:

As tech jobs evolve at the pace of light through fiber-optic cable, Saunders and other leaders of tech firms such as Mozilla, Reddit and Tumblr say students should consider schools that not only will teach them traditional skills like coding, but also the softer skills that aren’t listed in the course guide but are essential to the 21st-century workplace: working with others, problem-solving, the ability to pick up enough from disciplines other than their own to create products users believe are indispensable to their lives.
In other words, coding is just one part of a greater skill set.

“What’s below the tip of the iceberg is participation, critical thinking and being able to collaborate. You really need to be a well-rounded, Renaissance, Internet-era kind of person," said Mark Surman, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation, in the story.

The key to being this bigger, better technologist is not only understanding code, but also understanding true collaboration, and being to integrate technology with art, math, data, music, video — something besides tech that you can use to create tech.


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