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Tech Salaries Show Strong Growth in Various Cities

By SaraChicaD - August 26, 2014 No Comments
The average tech salaries in San Francisco are up 19%.

That, according to a report from the real estate firm JLL, based on Bureau of Labor statistics, proves what we are Sabio are always trying to bring home: tech is a pathway to a better life for women, minorities and their families.

Here's a snippet from the report:

A new report finds that high-tech jobs pay on average $156,000 a year in San Francisco and $195,000 in the wider Silicon Valley area.
And another important point:

...the overall trend is that tech workers are making an extraordinary amount of money.
Perhaps money can't buy you love, and we would never say it's the answer to all your problems, but when you can increase your salary by 44% after completing coding training, it sure is a good start to a better life.

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