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It is all about the technical skills, when it comes to landing a job.

By Aide Morales - November 26, 2014 1 Comment
On November 21, 2014, Caroline Porter posted a great story in the Wall Street Journal about the increasing popularity of coding bootcamps.  The story is behind a pay-wall, so we will recap it here in the event you do not have a paid WSJ account.  In  her story, Ms. Porter does a fabulous job of highlighting the increasing number of recent college grads that have difficulty finding full-time positions because they do not have skills that make them employable, Ms. Porter notes, “Already saddled with debt, [college] students in a variety of majors, but especially within liberal-arts subjects, political science and arts programs, are finding that a bachelor’s degree often provides skills that are too general to land a job. So they are increasingly signing up for coding boot camps, online classes or going to community college.”
She interviewed, and quotes, Matt Hudson who graduated from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay in May 2013 with a degree in urban studies, “I think the bachelor’s degree is actually less than what is believed to be,” said the 25-year-old from Arlington Heights, Ill. “I see the certificate I got as more career-based and has actually provided me more leverage toward my goals.”
Our Sabio Fellows confirm that college degrees are not necessary for securing a well-paying, full-time job.  One of our recent grads secured a full-time position as a web developer without a college degree.  What his employer was looking for was hard technical skills, coding skills, and because he could demonstrate that he could code he was offered a full-time position with an eCommerce company in Southern California.
The WSJ article also notes that having computer programming skills can practically double your job opportunities, and they cited a 2013 study from Burning Glass Technologies, a labor-markets analytics company.  
A new batch of motivated, and driven Sabio Fellows will begin to acquire these in-demand technical skills in January via our weekend and weekday programs.  If you are looking to transform your  job prospects, we encourage you to join us!

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