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Stay Positive & Keep Trying, The World Needs Changing

By Gregorio Rojas - February 3, 2015 4 Comments

I do not like making analogies to sports in our training room or relating it to learning to code, but I have to make an exception this week. Stay with me, it will be short and I have a couple of videos.

One of the most important things we do at Sabio is to motivate people to stay engaged with what can be a very frustrating experience. Learning to code and the subsequent interview trials will test anyone's sanity.

I now start all cohorts by highlighting the two most important things that they have to do to be successful:

Stay Positive & Keep Trying

I cannot communicate how important these two things are nor how critical they can be. This week I can point to the Super Bowl and clearly point out how these two things will win you championships.

If you missed the game I will break it down to two play. 

The Catch

This is the most ridiculous catch you will ever see and that it happened at a Super Bowl is absurd.

The Interception

A great play that essentially won the championship.

Stay Positive & Keep Trying

Imagine being the New England player that almost broke up that ridiculous catch to only watch the Seahawk juggle and miraculously catch that ball. WTF is an understatement. This put the Seahawks in what really was a winning position. It was really a crushing play. It was demoralizing.

Two plays later, that same New England player intercepts the ball and wins the game!

Give Up? Sulk? No. There is too much on the line to do that.

Learn to code, there is a big wide world out there that needs changing.


4 comments to '' Stay Positive & Keep Trying, The World Needs Changing "

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