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This Week our Electa App is Competing at Voto Latino Innovators Challenge

By Gregorio Rojas - March 3, 2015 7 Comments

Latino Web Developers Competing in Voto Latino Innovators Challenge

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 2, 2015 - A cohort of new graduates from the Sabio web development boot camp program submitted the Electa 1.0 mobile app to the Voto Latino Innovators Challenge last fall. Electa 1.0 was chosen as a finalist in the Challenge that will award grants of $10,000 to $100,000 per project. On Wednesday, March 4, 2015, Sara Inés Calderón, the primary applicant from the Sabio cohort, will present the app before a panel of judges in Washington, D.C. in the final phase of the Challenge.

Electa is a mobile application that features user registration, voter file verification, campaign management tools, political events and candidate profiles including a candidate rating system. The app’s features include geolocation search and a fully responsive user interface to tailor the user’s experience to his exact precinct.

Liliana Aide Monge, a co-founder of Sabio, said, “Sabio dedicated its fourth cohort to building Electa because we understand the power of an informed and connected Latino community; we know that it will lead to unprecedented growth and progress for America as a whole.”

Daniel Gonzalez, a Sabio boot camp graduate who was in Cohort Four, said, “Building Electa was a rewarding experience for me because I could apply my newly acquired skills as a web developer, while creating a tool that will enhance the political engagement of my community.”

If this Sabio cohort wins the Voto Latino Innovators Challenge, the team will go on to build Electa 2.0, which will have expanded features and capabilities.  Funding from the Voto Latino Innovators Challenge will be dedicated to software development, catalyzing a more robust version of Electa. These technical enhancements include: a Spanish version of Electa, a voter registration assistance feature, voter ID law verification, user data analytics and management, regional customizations and more.

All of these enhancements will be ready just in time for the 2016 campaign cycle and election.

The Voto Latino Innovators Challenge is spearheaded by Voto Latino, a non-profit civic organization that empowers Latino millennials to create positive change in their communities. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation supports the Voto Latino Innovators Challenge through a grant to the University of California. One of the goals of the Innovators Challenge is to encourage more Latinos to become technical professionals. This goal coincides with the mission of Sabio web developer boot camp, which seeks to increase the number of Latinos and other underrepresented minorities in web developer positions.

More information about Electa can be found here:

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For more information or media inquiries, please contact Liliana Aide Monge at or (562) 307-7589.


7 comments to '' This Week our Electa App is Competing at Voto Latino Innovators Challenge "

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