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Sabio Fellow, Myrna Ramirez, hired at Pilot Software Solutions

By Adriana - July 16, 2015 No Comments
Myrna Ramirez, a recent Sabio bootcamp graduate who participated in our part-time program, will be joining Pilot Software Solutions as a software developer at the end of the month.

We asked her how her training at Sabio has prepared her for her new role, and Ramirez shared the following:
"There are three things I always tell myself now: stay frosty, take a time out if necessary, and keep coding. From the beginning, the program was difficult for me as I come from a non-technical background of marketing and teaching. However, Aaron and Gregorio always had faith in me and told me that I could do this. They had confidence in me even when I kept wondering whether I had the skills. Slowly but surely, I built the confidence to keep working at it even when I was stuck. There were many times that I had to "stay frosty" and take a timeout to regroup. My favorite place on campus became a zen like garden area near the other office building. They also taught me that a developer must keep coding. Being in the weekend class was tough because I had to maintain a full-time job, a family, as well as trying to code 40 hours a week. I learned quickly that the only way to keep up with class was to keep coding all the time. I looked forward to the weekends where I could code in a team environment where the fellows and I were going through similar experiences. For me, the moral support was key to my success. In addition to the extensive training, I think the Sabio team and the Sabio fellows have taught me to have confidence in my skills and to stay connected with them. I truly feel like part of the Sabio family."
At Sabio, we think of ourselves as not only a software development training program, but also a family.

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