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Introducing John Darragh, Sabio's new bootcamp instructor

By Adriana - September 21, 2015 No Comments
John Darragh comes to Sabio with a formal educational background in electrical engineering (his undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. are all in electrical engineering) and most recently from Fox as a software developer. Darragh also has over five years of teaching experience having been an instructor at UCLA Extension in .NET application development.

We recently sat down with our newest instructor to ask him some questions about what he wants to accomplish here at Sabio.

Sabio: What are you looking forward to in teaching full-time in our coding bootcamp?

Darragh: I'm looking forward to doing the projects and working with people who are determined to change their careers. This will be the challenge and the interesting part of working with Sabio full-time.

Sabio: What was your last software development job like?

Darragh: Most recently, my experience comes from Fox Networks Group, doing internal applications where they manage their programming. I also have experience in the aerospace industry.

Sabio: Tell us about your teaching experience.

Darragh: I had already been an instructor at UCLA Extension, but I'm drawn to Sabio because of the things that they are doing -- combining instruction with development. At Sabio, we're building actual products. I want to help people get their first job in the industry.

Sabio: How did you get involved with Sabio?

Darragh: I met Liliana at a .NET user group, but my son recently graduated from the Sabio bootcamp. It was a great experience for him, and I saw how much he was able to grow and learn. I'm excited to help others who want to break into tech get their start.

Darragh will be working with our cohort in Culver City.


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