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Sabio Launches a Virtual Academy

By Aide Morales - September 15, 2015 2 Comments

Sabio celebrated two years of in-person training yesterday, September 14, 2015, and on the heels of this successful anniversary, we are excited to announce the launch of our Virtual Academy. Over the past two years we have worked with many exceptional candidates in our Los Angeles offices, and a couple have moved to SoCal to train with us, like the very talented Sara Inés Calderón ; however, many more have been unable to participate in our popular program because of the cost and the nature of our full-time, in-person program. That is why we are so excited to announce that we will take the many lessons learned from our exceptionally successful in-person training program and will begin training via your laptop in November.

With the Sabio Virtual Academy all you need is determination, motivation, a laptop, and high-speed internet access to interact with our Co-Founder, Gregorio Rojas, who is 100% dedicated to helping as many people not only learn to code, but also, learn to build! Via your laptop, you will have access to our extensive training materials, live-webinars, a Sabio Slack Group, and live Question and Answer sessions to get you moving, and to keep you motivated.

We know there are many smart, talented, and motivated individuals looking to join a tech team and add value, and with our affordable and flexible Virtual Academy, Sabio is committed to getting you there!
Sign-up here, and get started coding TODAY! The first 50 people to sign-up will get a $500 discount.


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