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Gema Ramila shares her experience at Rise New York's Heroes vs. Hackers

By Adriana - October 16, 2015 1 Comment
Gema Ramila has only been working as a professional software developer for the past three months, but she's already competing in hackathons and winning.

Last weekend, October 10-11, 2015, Gema and four other Sabio fellows flew from Los Angeles to New York to compete in the Rise New York Super Heroes vs. Master Hackers Hackathon. Gema and her Sabio colleagues created an app that would help people who are under-documented (immigrants who might not have all of their papers) access banking resources. Barclays was one of the main sponsors of the event, so many of the contestants were focused on building products that were related to financial services. The Sabio team placed second.

Gema was inspired to become a software developer because she has always liked logic. She had been encouraged to go into computer science or math as a college student, but her initial goal was to become a lawyer. After studying for the LSAT and realizing that the legal job market isn't all that it's cracked up to be, especially for recent law school graduates, she decided to look for coding bootcamps so she could apply her love for logic in a setting that would allow her to create and build things.

When she was looking at bootcamps, she initially looked at General Assembly, but she became suspicious of the bootcamp's reviews because it seemed that the the positive reviews were written by General Assembly graduates who had gone on to work at the company. At Sabio, the instructors have at least ten years of experience as programmers and software developers, and Sabio doesn't hire its graduates to teach. Sabio is about training and placing its bootcamp fellows in companies where they can continue to grow their skills.

Once she was ready to sign up for a bootcamp program, Gema met with Gregorio Rojas, Sabio's co-founder and lead instructor. "I immediately fell in love with his passion for programming. The way he talks about programming and the way he talks about his students and could refer to his students by name -- that sold me," Gema said. She felt that Gregorio's passion for his students showed how fully invested he is in creating a program that will help people without extensive technical experience who want to become developers.

The Rise New York Super Heroes vs. Master Hackers Hackathon is the second hackathon Gema has participated in. After graduating from Sabio's bootcamp, she participated in the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon. Gema is now part of a network of Sabio fellows who continue to train and build apps after their formal bootcamp program.

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