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Sabio co-founders Gregorio Rojas and Liliana Monge have been reflecting on the achievements of the coding bootcamp and where the program is headed in the new year. It's been a little more than two years since the first Sabio cohort took a calculated professional risk and enrolled in the new, intensive software development training program.

Gregorio and Liliana are not only business partners; they are also partners in real life, a married couple with small children. Gregorio shared some thoughts this week about how Sabio is growing and the roles that he and Liliana have taken on.

"One of the things that sets us apart from other coding academies is that Liliana and I are in constant communication with each other. We talk a lot about Sabio and how we can continue to improve our training and the experience for our fellows. We keep adding to our program, but our primary focus has been and continues to be about delivering value to our fellows," Gregorio explained.

Gregorio sees the program as constantly evolving, and his role in overseeing the instruction of the fellows has grown as Sabio has expanded with its first Orange County cohort in Irvine that begins full-time training in January. While some coding bootcamps have curriculum directors and designers in other states, Gregorio's close proximity to the instructors and students, along with his hands-on approach is an advantage. If issues arise that relate to instruction, he can quickly resolve them and support the instructors who are in the classroom.

"Some of the changes that we have implemented reflect how much we have grown. For example, our first four cohorts didn't have instructor-led pre-work. Right now we have part-time training that leads into the full-time training. We have done this to help ease the stress level on our fellows," Gregorio said.

When people who have minimal technical experience jump into coding bootcamp, it can be overwhelming. Realizing that too much stress can inhibit learning, Liliana and Gregorio implemented instructor-led pre-work that helps ease fellows into the training process and helps them build a basic foundation that they will rapidly build upon once they enter full-time training.

Liliana and Gregorio did not come from traditional technical backgrounds (computer science degrees), which they feel is an advantage especially when working with people who have been in non-technical jobs and who want to change careers by learning how to code.

As for future goals, before the new year, Gregorio and Liliana plan to hire another bootcamp instructor. And for 2016, they would like to add another training site beyond the one that will be starting in Irvine and the existing site in Culver City. So look for Sabio to be in three locations in the near future.

You can follow Liliana and Gregorio on Twitter at @mongeliliana and @g8rojas.

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