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Top 8 Reasons To Learn .NET in 2016

By Adriana - November 29, 2015 No Comments
By Sara Inés Calderón

The New Year is nearly upon us and that means there’s another opportunity for you to change your life, change your career, and try the exciting world of software. Sabio’s motto is, “Anyone can learn to code” – and we stand by that – not just because we say it, but because we’ve seen it.

Our graduates started out as artists, non-profit professionals, writers, marketers, sound engineers, and a variety of other fields, but now they are working as well paid professional software developers. We’ve previously discussed the many reasons why Sabio’s focus on JavaScript, and .NET technologies like C# and SQL are important for any developer in Los Angeles to learn, and the importance of these technologies is only growing.

Earlier this year we reported:

Developers with .NET skills are among the most sought after in all of Los Angeles, according to several studies during recent years. A study from 2013 found that .NET developers were the second highest in-demand tech workers in Los Angeles, averaging almost $94,000 salary another found that .NET developers in Los Angeles were the fourth most sought-after developer job, averaging a $90,000 salary. That demand is only growing.

What follows are eight big reasons to join LA’s tech community by learning .NET in 2016. Keep in mind that the following rankings apply not only to C#, but JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS and jQuery that our Fellows learn, as well as SQL.
  1.       It’s one of the most popular languages in demand in Los Angeles.
  2.       It’s one of the most popular languages in California.
  3.       Developers who know .NET are the most likely to be employed after graduating from a code bootcamp. 
  4.       It’s one of the most used languages on the web. 
  5.       Along with JavaScript and SQL, C# is one of the most popular languages on Stack Overflow. 
  6.       It’s a growing open source community.
  7.       Knowing .NET will make you an in-demand software developer. Along with Java, C-based jobs are always in demand; in 2015 C# surpassed Java. 
  8.       Starting in 2016 you can earn college credit by taking Sabio courses at Antioch University Los Angeles using your federal and state financial aid, as well as G.I. Bill benefits.
Looks like you have every reason to learn to code in 2016 – reach out and talk to us about your interest in tech we want to help you learn to code and change the world!

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