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Meet Marty Henry, who just graduated with Sabio Cohort 11, this weekend!

By Adriana - December 21, 2015 No Comments
Before he came to Sabio to learn how to code, Marty had been let go from a financial services job. During the time he was unemployed, Marty had started to explore the possibility of attending a coding bootcamp, but he couldn't find a program that appealed to his needs.

Fortunately, Marty's dad had met Sabio's co-founder and curriculum designer, Gregorio Rojas, at a local tech event and took one of Gregorio's cards. Marty's dad passed along Gregorio's contact information to his son, and Marty initiated contact with Sabio. 

"What sold me was that they have a good support system. They make sure that you not only learn the skills but that you maintain them with continuing education and support sessions," Marty said. 
This weekend Marty graduated with Cohort 11, and he starts work today as an application developer. Marty didn't study computer science in college. This Morehouse College grad was a music and composition major. 

"I would say that Sabio is the kind of program that if you are willing to put in the work and time and have some interest in coding, they will make sure that you get to where you need to be. But you have to do the work," Marty explained. "They won't leave you high and dry if you are stuck on something. They want you to know the material and to be able to apply it in your career." 

Marty's story shows that anyone can learn to code, even music majors who were working in financial services.  

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