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Tech jobs among the hottest for 2016!

By Adriana - December 6, 2015 No Comments
According to CareerBuilding and Economic Modeling Specialists International, tech jobs will be among the most in demand for 2016. Some key findings for the tech sector:

  • Eight of the most in demand 19 jobs for 2016 are engineering, software & web app development, and IT related positions. 
  • IT related jobs are the second most in demand category (28% of all average unique monthly job postings), right after healthcare.
  • The average new hires for IT positions in a typical month doesn't come close to filling the gap in the average monthly unique job posting rate. In the tech sector, there are 98,732 average monthly hires vs. 375,360 average unique job postings. 
This data shows that tech professionals should continue to have a bright future going into the next year. So if you're thinking about making a career change, come learn to code with us!

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