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Eliot's journey from Apple Specialist to Technical Consultant

By Adriana - January 14, 2016 1 Comment
Eliot Sosa recently graduated with Sabio Cohort 8, and he's been working full-time as a developer for the past three months. He currently works at Sysrepublic in Torrance as a technical consultant.

Eliot's professional journey included working at Apple doing technical support and selling computers for three years before working at FOX Sports creating graphics for soccer broadcasts for three years.

"Sabio has changed my life. Computers and technology are a passion of mine. I was also passionate about soccer, which is why I ended up at FOX Sports. But the ceiling wasn't very high for my career path, and that wasn't going to change for a long time," Eliot explained. "There weren't a lot of opportunities in my previous job, and I wasn't living the life that I wanted to live."

After connecting with a friend who had been through the Sabio training, Eliot decided to attend the initial meetings. After meeting Liliana and Gregorio, Sabio's co-founders, and getting to know some of the people who would be part of his cohort, he was accepted and jumped into the full-time bootcamp experience.

Upon completing coding bootcamp, Eliot participated in the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon and was part of the team that won first place for creating Bike Monkey, an on demand roadside assistance app for cyclists.

"There were some times when I doubted things and whether I was taking the right direction in learning to code. But I knew that based on the success of others who went through the program, something good was going to come out of it," Eliot said.

Now Eliot is earning more money than he was at FOX Sports, and he's on a more challenging career path with upward mobility.

1 comment to '' Eliot's journey from Apple Specialist to Technical Consultant "

  1. Sabio doing a great job providing people with real-world skills that translate into fatter paychecks better than any government program.