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Aaron Gibson was a developer for 13 years prior to coming to Sabio as an instructor. This Rochester Institute of Technology graduate started writing code in college to earn money to pay the rent. He holds a B.S. in new media and interactive development and says that his studies were "not hardcore computer science."

Because he was not academically immersed in computer science, Aaron feels that he can relate easily to the many Sabio fellows who do not come from a technical background. He also had a minor in psychology, which has come in handy with his instruction.

"Sometimes you have to trick people into being successful, and that's where the psychology comes in," Aaron said when describing how he approaches teaching new concepts to Sabio fellows who are learning how to code.

Aaron will be heading up instruction for Sabio's Newport Beach location, which will begin with a cohort of eight on January 4th. Aaron is super excited to start working in Orange County because of the high demand for Sabio fellows in this region.

Aaron also has a new client lined up for the Newport Beach cohort to create a product for.

"The company that we are working with analyzes trends and provides editorial content for fashion related businesses. We are going to be building the back end of this company's site, and our goal is to have the project finished in March, giving our students real-world experience that helps ensure they are strong employment candidates," Aaron said.

This project is what Aaron and the Newport Beach cohort will be working on is for Sabio's first international client, another advantage for Sabio Fellows.

While his first year at Sabio was eventful because he started working seven days per week just a few weeks after his daughter was born, Aaron is pleased with his decision to join the team.

"I didn't feel like I was making a difference before. Here I can measure the impact that I have on people's lives," Aaron said.

"Sabio is excited to have Aaron spearhead our Orange County operations, because he is super motivated, highly talented, and an exceptional technical instructor," said Liliana Aide Monge, Sabio's Co-Founder.

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