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#helloWorld - The Sabio Contingent Showed Up in Force at the Twitter LA Offices

By Aide Morales - February 5, 2016 No Comments

Sabio Fellows At The @Twitter #HelloWorld Event in Feb 2016

This week I had the pleasure of attending the highly anticipated #HelloWorld Twitter event in Santa Monica, CA,  along  with six of our Sabio Fellows.  The folks at Twitter welcomed many of Los Angeles' tech innovators and leaders to their fabulous Santa Monica office for some delicious food, libations, and code, let's not forget the importance of  #Code. The two hour event was an opportunity for Sabio Fellows to meet Twitter staff members, and also learn really valuable information about free developer tools they offer.  The Twitter folks created a custom app that highlights popular venues for the cities hosting the #HelloWorld tour using Fabric, Twitter's developer toolkit .

I have to say that offering these types of learning and networking opportunities for our Sabio Fellows is at the heart of what Gregorio and I are looking to build.   We do not want to build a "coding bootcamp" that churns-out tons of entry-level talent and then leaves them in the wind to find their own way into Senior Software Engineering roles.  

Instead, Sabio is about cultivating and nurturing exceptional tech talent that accurately represents the diverse cultural fabric of Southern California.  The young man on this photo to my right is Kevin Reevers, and he has been attending Sabio sponsored Hackathons, professional development sessions and conferences for almost 3 years now, and we are excited about how bright  his future is.  

That is what Sabio is all about: Community and Technical Prowess.  With those two things the Sabio Nation will create a catalytic change and impact in the SoCal Tech ecosystem that will be unrivaled, just wait and see, or join us!

~Liliana Aide Monge

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