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Guest Blogger: SkillsFund's Stamp of Approval!

By Aide Morales - April 12, 2016 No Comments

We are excited to have Skills Fund pen this exciting blog post: 

Sabio is Skills Fund Certified!

Skills Fund is proud to partner with Sabio’s high-quality web development program to do one

thing: increase student access to an innovative, skills-oriented, and outcomes-based education.

Skills Fund was founded by two leaders in higher education and accreditation. Our founder is

the former secretary of higher ed for the state of Colorado, led the state’s consumer protection

bureau, and is a federal appointee with the Department of Education, overseeing all

accreditation agencies for higher ed (NACIQI). Our co-founder is a tenured, PhD biochemistry

professor, who was directly involved with his university’s accreditation during his life in

academia. You can learn more about our team here.

Our founder’s extensive expertise in accreditation and program analysis allows us to dive into a

diverse set of Sabio’s data, including quality of curriculum and student outcomes, which are

actively cross-referenced with state licensure requirements, employer analysis of bootcamp

hires, and student feedback on quality of experience. Skills Fund can uniquely paint a

comprehensive picture of program effectiveness in preparing students to secure the right job, at

the right salary, with the right amount of financial opportunity ahead.

We’re proud to give Sabio the Skills Fund stamp of approval in start-to-finish quality. From their

marketing practices, to instructor’s backgrounds, pedagogy, curriculum structure, and ultimate

outcomes, we’re happy to share you’re in good hands with the Sabio team.

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