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Peony came from a startup environment and decided to learn to code

By Adriana - April 27, 2016 No Comments
Peony came from a startup environment. During her junior year at USC where she was studying business administration, she started a venture where she was exposed to coding. She hired a group of developers overseas to develop an app, and she encountered problems with that app. At the time, her capacity to address problems with her startup's app was limited, and she learned that if she wanted to be an entrepreneur, coding was something that she needed to learn.

"Even with my own background in finance, I realized that coding was a skill that I needed to learn," Peony said.

There were a few things that stood out to Peony as she was exploring how to learn to code. She did consider earning another degree and studying engineering, but bootcamps appealed to her because the information was condensed into three or four months and the cost was much less than pursuing another degree. Because the cost and the time to learn how to code was more efficient, Peony decided that bootcamp would be the route for her to take.

"Out of all of the bootcamps that I looked at, Sabio really stood out. Sabio matches the work that we do in the bootcamp to real projects that entrepreneurs are working on. We were learning, but we were also actually working on an actual project. The work wasn't just exercises or practice, so we encountered real problems that I would encounter in a real job," Peony said.

Peony said that there are a lot of free or low cost exercises that you can find online, and she felt that other bootcamps were similar to those exercises. What set Sabio apart for her was being able to work on a real project that would be used in the real world.

Peony just graduated with cohort 14, and it took her about two weeks after she graduated to find a job. She started looking for a job two weeks before finishing bootcamp, taking advantage of the job search tips that her instructor was giving Sabio fellows. She is now a professional programmer with an established company.

Congrats Peony!

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