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Ripsime used to work in graphic design, but she decided to learn to code

By Adriana - April 10, 2016 No Comments
Ripsime (Rip) Vardumyan has a degree in fine arts and was working as a graphic designer prior to coming to Sabio. She liked graphic design, but she noticed that web design was where the jobs were at. She had been struggling to find full-time work and to get out of continually working on contracts. Rip felt that web design was similar to what she had been doing in terms of piecing together content and elements.

A high school friend told Rip about the Sabio program, and after learning about Sabio from her friend, Rip did her own research and decided to learn how to code. Initially, Rip felt that learning to code would be a little bit risky because of the financial commitment, but she decided to make the investment.

"Before I started the bootcamp program, I knew Liliana and Gregorio for about a year during pre-work [phase one of Sabio training]," Rip said. She worked in the pre-work phase for about a year because of the financial risk, and she didn't have enough time to fully dedicate herself to the program as she was taking care of her freelance work commitments. "They were willing to wait for me," Rip added.

Rip was one of John Darragh's students, and she enjoyed learning from him. "John was able to guide me in the right direction. I asked him to draw pictures because I'm more of a visual learner. He found a way to communicate to me when I was having difficulties understanding what the code was about using the tools that I would use."

Rip recently graduated with Cohort 12, but she recently accepted a position as a UI front end developer position at an entertainment company.

"Sabio has changed my perspective on my career choice. This was definitely a good starting point for me to build my technical career," Rip said. "I wish I had done it sooner. If you feel in your gut that learning how to code is something you want to do, take that risk and do it."

Congrats Rip!

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