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Day in the life of Kelly, current Sabio fellow in Newport Beach

By Adriana - May 31, 2016 1 Comment
Kelly is one of the current Sabio fellows in our Newport Beach location. We asked her some questions about her experience learning to code in our program. 

1. How has your bootcamp experience been so far? 

Kelly: "It's been good. It's definitely a roller coaster, and it's not for the faint of heart. One day it's really great, and then the next three days can be horrible. But it's challenging in a good way." 

2. What do you do when you aren't here at Sabio? 

Kelly: "I do yoga, enjoy wine, and hang out with my husband outside of bootcamp. I try to resume a normal life on the weekends, and I will give myself one day off a week. I need to do the normal things like going to the grocery store and taking care of chores."

3. What's one highlight of your bootcamp experience so far? 

Kelly: "Building my first feature -- It's nice to see a full-stack feature. It was exciting to be able to do that. And after building that first feature, when I go to websites, I can recognize what goes into them." 

4. What were you doing before you came to bootcamp? 

Kelly: "I worked in the music industry for the past 14-15 years. Recently, I was in management working with indie rock bands. I wasn't seeing myself going anywhere. I wanted to have a whole new career change. This was a way to wake my brain up and challenge myself once again."

5. How do your friends and family support you or leave you alone while you are in bootcamp? 

Kelly: "I have only told my closest friends that I have been in bootcamp. My husband has been very supportive, cooking meals, and giving me space to do what I need to. He has been very supportive and sweet. And it's really nice to come home to a home cooked meal."

6. What kind of snacks and beverages help keep your energy level up while you are at Sabio? 

Kelly: "I drink water all day long and an occasional coffee and healthy stuff like apples and raw almonds. I try not to eat junk." 

7. What advice would you give to someone who comes from the music or entertainment industry like you do who is interested in technology?

Kelly: "The tech world, the music, and the arts world are converging. If you are interested in making a commitment, the money is great on the technical side. It's a good way to continue to be passionate about different artistic areas and to build new skills that are in demand."  

1 comment to '' Day in the life of Kelly, current Sabio fellow in Newport Beach "


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