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Friends in Orange County

By Gregorio Rojas - May 11, 2016 No Comments

It have been a little over a quarter since we opened up shop in Orange County. For some time, we knew that orange county would be home to a Sabio training center. There was so much demand for our Fellows in Orange County. Recruiter after recruiter and employer after employer expressed their relief in being able to find such high quality talent.

One thing that we did not expect was how welcoming the developer bootcamp players in the space would be. I want to specifically call out the Orange Country Code School for what rolling out the red carpet and treating us like friends.

Since we opened up in Orange County, the Orange County Code School founder has supported us from the very beginning by attending our own training sessions. We hope to connect personally again but his departure from the training session appear to be in haste.

This we week received two referrals from our Orange County friends. First, a young man who indicated that Orange Country Code School said that we are the organization that specializes in training people like “him”. They again, are correct. They have clearly spent a good bit of time getting to know us and that love shows. But getting back to the young man. I can tell you personally that their judgement was spot on. This man is motivated, hungry and wants to change his life and the life of others around him. This man is unstoppable. This is the kind of people we train so we are happy to welcome him.

The second referral truly highlights our deep sense of corporate responsibility as a member of the community. It’s actually just a sense of human decency and responsibility. These are values that we tap into when a corporate sponsor calls on us to help them train young adults for whom college was not an option. We were so grateful for the call we made it a point to ask how they had learned of us. It was Orange County Code School. On another week, we would have been surprised, but not this week.

While it is true that we build nothing but the best software engineers and that are goals to scale across the country we have not forgotten the point of the entire essence that is Sabio, and that is to change people’s life. To break them out of their current careers paths and into a bright and limitless one.

It's only May!! We can’t wait for what's to come.

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