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Why Entrepreneurs like Daly Yoo come to Sabio to have product built

By Adriana - May 31, 2016 No Comments
Daly Yoo already knew Aaron Gibson, the Vice President of Engineering at Sabio and lead instructor for the Newport Beach bootcamp, so he was familiar with the kind of projects that bootcamp fellows typically work on.

Currently, Daly is working with Sabio Cohort 15 in Newport Beach to build a publishing platform.

"We are working on a publishing platform that allows us to take any number of different types of feeds and from those feeds to publish pages that are very targeted to what people are looking for. This simplifies the publishing process. We are envisioning it working for the real estate industry, the apparel industry, etc., to quickly create hundreds of thousands of pages. We want to create specific websites that target specific searches," Daly explained.

The process of working with Sabio has been simple. Daly explained what he was looking to build and then met with Aaron a few times before the Sabio cohort jumped in.

"I can see progress week to week. I have been able to easily work with Aaron and the team. From my standpoint, resources are a constraint, so it's great to have 9-10 dedicated people working on this project full-time for 12 weeks," Daly said.

When asked if he would use Sabio to build another project, Daly said, "I would love to."

Daly added that when the current publishing platform project goes into production, he would like to bring as many of the team members on board to continue working on the current project. If he cannot do continue to utilize them as paid consultants, Daly said that he would happily recommend Sabio team to other employers.

Working on real projects with entrepreneurs helps give Sabio fellows real world experience. If you are in business or looking to launch a business and need to have a custom site or platform built, contact Liliana or Gregorio.

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