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Yohan was working in education in Korea before he decided to learn how to code. This UC Berkeley grad researched different bootcamps online and was looking for a program that would continue to provide him with support after finishing his technical training.

"Before I came to Sabio, I was in Korea working in education, and I was looking for bootcamps mostly in the San Francisco area. I wasn't aware of many bootcamps in Los Angeles, but I stumbled upon Sabio after looking at Course Report and reading other excellent reviews on the internet," Yohan said.

Yohan recently graduated with Cohort 14 and has recently landed a job as a full-stack .NET developer. In his new position, Yohan is earning $20,000 more than he was at his highest paying position.

"The professional development has been great. Liliana and Gregorio [Sabio co-founders] have me in touch with a recruiter who they work with consistently. The best contacts come from the direct connections through Sabio, which is really helpful instead of working with random recruiters and agencies," Yohan shared.

Ongoing professional development and continued training is something that sets Sabio apart from the competition. Sabio offers four times the number of training and support hours than the typical coding bootcamp offers.

"After the program, Gregorio really took his time and looked over my resume to help me tailor it to the jobs that I was applying to, which has been really helpful," Yohan shared. "Even though I have completed bootcamp, I continue to be impressed with the level of support and the encouragement that I receive from Sabio. Everything is really practical and designed to help me be a strong developer."

At Sabio, we take professional development seriously. We continue to work with our fellows up to five years after the intensive bootcamp experience.

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