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Meet Ken Nnaoji, a Sabio grad, who won $10K in a Hackathon

By Adriana - June 10, 2016 No Comments
Ken Nnaoji is a graduate of Sabio cohort 12.

In April, Ken competed in a hackathon that was sponsored by FremantleMedia North America, a global content company that distributes shows across television and digital platforms. The objective was for developers and designers to create a website for TV fans using and Fremantle's API partners. The prize was a three month contract valued at $10,000 to finish building out the idea for the website for FremantleMedia North America.

Ken went into the hackathon hoping to partner with some people there, but that didn't work out. He ended up working by himself and having to compete against groups of developers. Another challenge that he faced was that he was not experienced with PHP, the programming language that WordPress is written in.

"The foundation that I got through Sabio allowed me to figure out what I needed to learn on the fly to build a site using Wordpress, which uses PHP. PHP is a language that isn't taught at Sabio, but I was able to figure it out," Ken said.

Now that Ken has been awarded the contract, he has spent the past month working on the website for FremantleMedia. His eventual goal is to build his own business, where he creates websites and apps for other clients.

Ken has a bachelor's degree in art, and he had been working in graphic design. He found out about Sabio from his twin brother, who is also a Sabio graduate. His brother graduated from cohort 10, and Ken followed shortly thereafter in cohort 12.

Congrats Ken!

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