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Tessa Harp had a career in retail as a manager of a well-known chain clothing store. While her heart wasn't set on pursuing retail management, she started to explore other options and ways to use her undergraduate degree in communications. Tessa had started to look for marketing jobs, but she wasn't finding any positions that appealed to her.

Tessa then thought about law school, but her aunt, an experienced attorney, suggested that she research the technology field and consider becoming a developer. This suggestion inspired Tessa to play around with Codecademy and to contact coding bootcamps. From there, she found Sabio.

"Before coming to Sabio, I really liked playing around with Codeacademy because it made me use my brain in a way that I hadn't been using it. It was like solving puzzles, which is fun for me," Tessa said. 

The rapid pace of Sabio and the bootcamp's mission to increase the representation of people of color and women appealed to Tessa as well. The style of instruction that mimicked a workplace setting was a positive experience for her. 

"If you goof off and don't do the reading or what your instructor asks of you, then you only hurt yourself. I didn't want to let my instructor down by not doing a project to his standards, so knowing that pushed me harder," Tessa said in describing her learning experience with John Darragh, Sabio's senior developer and instructor. 

For now, Tessa's most immediate goal is to keep learning more programming languages. Eventually, she would like to become an entrepreneur or a CTO.

The day Tessa graduated she received an offer for a full time software development position with an awesome LA entertainment company!

Congrats Tessa! 

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