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Sidd had been attending Pasadena City College for the past two and a half years and was working at RipNDip Clothing doing various tasks, including IT related things such as setting up local area networks to performing data recovery on computers. He was recently asked to fix the company homepage. After researching how to make changes to the website, he became interested in web development.

Sidd liked web development because he could instantly see the changes that he was making. He started to talk to his dad about his career options, and his dad suggested that he look at bootcamps. Sidd was also feeling frustrated with the educational process at the community college because of the difficulties in getting the classes he needed to complete his degree. "I found myself in a hole and was digging deeper and deeper with school," Sidd said in describing the problems with getting into the courses that he needed.

RipNDip recently hired Sidd on regular salary, and he will be tasked with reworking the website and making it easier to use. His new position involves managing the website and all e-commerce related issues for the company.

For now, Sidd's goal is to continue to learn more about web development and programming languages and to concentrate on his job. Eventually, this cohort 16 graduate wants to complete a college degree, but he now has the skills to make a good living as he pursues other education.

Congrats Sidd!  

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